Mindset matters!

With any way of eating or lifestyle change mindset is a huge part of it! Believing you can do it will help you. Wanting to do it will help you. Not feeling like you’re being punished will help you.

I believe knowledge is a big part of it. You need to learn why something like keto, or paleo, or IF, is the right way of eating for you. Get curious! Read lots! Learn as much as you can and continue to learn. When you’re faced with the cupcakes at work, birthday cake, or the fries at the drive thru, you’ll be able to make a choice based on how you know those foods will affect your body. If you understand the effects the carbs and sugar will have on your body you’re going to make smarter choices.

However, we do not aim for perfection. Sometimes that cupcake will be the choice you want to make. When you are making the nourishing choice most of the time you’ll have the room to throughly enjoy the fun choice every now and then (I hate the word cheat – you’re not cheating on anyone, you’re just make a choice).

Today I made the fun choice – a slice of Whole Foods kale and leek pizza! I enjoyed every bite!And two Cassava Buns made by my mum! I warmed the buns and melted some butter. So delicious!

So change your thinking. This isn’t a short term diet where you go back to ‘normal’ eating after you’ve dropped a few pounds. It has to be a change in lifestyle that you embrace!

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