Grilled California Avocado Chicken!

This chicken was so good!

Yeah, I’m sure some people are going to question the use of honey so let me explain my choice. Honey is amazing but loaded with carbs. However I hate using fake sweeteners. The taste is never the same, some can be upsetting for the gut, and a lot of them still cause a spike in Insulin. Honey (especially the local raw kind I use – Babe’s) is a natural sugar that is loaded with healthy enzymes and vitamins when left raw. Heating kills the enzymes so in a recipe like this they would be killed but I would still much rather have a small amount of something natural than fake 🤷🏻‍♀️

I also used half the amount of honey. This recipe makes a lot of marinade – most of it wasn’t used – so even less of the honey made it into the chicken. (Next time I would probably cut the marinade amount in half to avoid the waste!) So, I’m not going to worry about the small amount of carb coming from the honey!

I found the tomato/avocado/basil mixture was still good the next day so you could definitely make enough for two nights. I actually cooked enough chicken for 3-4 nights. When I had it tonight (night #2) I left off the cheese and it was still really good! Tomorrow I’ll make another batch of the tomato/avocado/basil mixture.

I paired it will zucchini noodles that I sautéed in a touch of the marinade.

Shout out to The Recipe Critic for an amazing meal!

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