Be adaptable!

On Monday I prepped lots of delicious food for the week:

Bacon & Gruyere egg bites

Monterey Jack sausages and asparagus

Paleo Lasagna (although it actually had ricotta cheese so Primal, not paleo).

One thing stands out that is unusual for me – the amount of dairy. I typically don’t eat it often because it causes me some GI issues. After a few days of eating it I feel bloated, some pain, and it generally messes up how my gut operates.

But I love cheese. Just love it. I’d say it’s been harder to not eat cheese regularly than bread or pasta for me! So it’s a treat once every couple of weeks.

For some reason I didn’t think about how much this amount of dairy would affect me. Today the thought of any of my prepared meals has me feeling nauseated. I’m so bloated and uncomfortable. I just couldn’t eat my food.

Luckily I don’t have much sausage left (and I’m betting my sister will take it off my hands 😉). The lasagna freezes really well!

Now, normally I have avocado oil mayo in the fridge at work. Wouldn’t you know that I finished it last week and the grocery store across the street was out! So, plain tuna, kale slaw, and the last of my pickles.

Did it taste amazing? Nope. It tasted fine. Not everything has to be super tasty – sometimes it just had to be food that feeds you and nourishes you.

Meal prep goes a long way but sometimes you have to be ready to throw something together quickly! Keep it simple! Don’t let something like this (or forgetting your lunch or making something that tastes like crap – I’ve done both of those!) throw you off. Adapt to the situation and know that even though it doesn’t taste amazing you gave your body something nutritious!

(I’m now kicking myself for not grabbing an avocado or guacamole!)

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