Best tools for detoxing and cleansing…

Wanna know how to cleanse your body from toxins?

Well, luckily your body already has things to do that. They are your liver, kidney, lungs, colon, and skin.

It drives me crazy when I see a product being sold for detox. Some kind of pill or potion that is going to cleanse your colon because we are all walking around with pounds of sludge in our colon *gasp*.

It’s called fecal matter and it’s what should be in our colon. That’s how the body works. You eat, it gets digested, nutrients are absorbed, the rest goes to the colon to be excreted. Since we eat several times a day it’s safe to assume there is always going to be something in your colon.

Know what else this means? If you take a pill to make you get rid of the colon sludge then you will definitely get results. You will poop!

Another interesting thing to think about is what toxins? Can you show me what toxins I’m getting rid of and the amount before and the amount after? Surely to know this product works they had to measure something. Right? No. They are not regulated and a variety of claims can be made.

You don’t need to take a special juice, or tea, or foot pad, or pill, or patch, or colonic irrigation to detox or cleanse. Your body does this for you.

Feed your body real food to support its optimal functioning and you don’t need to spend money on detoxes and cleanses.

Eat like crap and drink a lot of alcohol? Yeah, a detox may seem like an easy way to undo all of that. But it won’t. A lifestyle full of processed food and alcohol will catch up to you and no amount of detoxes or cleanses with help. (I’ll also add no amount of short term diet will help and this includes keto! It has to be a lifestyle change. You cannot do something for a few weeks and expect to go back to how you normally eat without losing whatever results you’ve gained)

Why do people see results using these detoxes and cleanses? They are either eating so little/nothing that they are technically fasting so yes, weight loss will happen. Or, they are ingesting something that is making them poop a lot so yeah, weight loss will happen.

Get rid of the sugar, processed and refined foods, cut back on alcohol and carbs. These are the long term changes to help your body operate at its peak. Is it as easy as taking a pill or drinking a juice? No. It requires a bit of effort – but like, a little bit of effort. (Open can of salmon, open bag of greens, put both on plate, cover in dressing. Easy peasy).

Isn’t it kinder and more respectful to this body that carries you through your day to treat it with some love? Taking some pill or juice that’s gonna have you running for the bathroom isn’t love. It’s a way of feeling good for the things you ate or drank that make you feel like crap. How about finding a way to love your body every damn day.

Eat. Real. Food. Your body will take care of the rest.

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