‘Did your beliefs change?’

I was asked this question recently by a friend. We were talking about changing the negative self talk, about slowly learning to not believe the negative shit about yourself, and starting to believe the positive.

‘But, does it actually work? Have your beliefs changed?’

I’ve never been asked that before. It’s a super legit question. I’ve never really thought about how much my beliefs have changed (FYI it’s not easy to answer that on the spot!)

I think outwardly it may seem like not much has changed but inside everything has been rearranged. It’s a slow process at times and you don’t notice it. You’re just doing the things you know you need for growth, especially on the days you don’t want to (those are the days you need it more!). You meditate, you workout, you read or listen to a podcast, you eat the nutritious things, and connect with your coach. You start to catch yourself in patterns of negativity and judgement. You start to change your story. You stop feeding into the drama and gossip around you.

Then one day you’re all ‘I want to be a nutritional and mindset coach/life coach.’ You know this rings true to you and that you’d be really good at it. That this path lights you up and feeds your soul like nothing else can. Do you think I would have realized this a year or two ago if I wasn’t doing the inner work daily with support? Hell no! I can still hear my coaches reaction when I told her this realization – not surprised. Knowing my path was leading me to something like this and allowing me to figure it out myself whilst guiding me. She probably could have told me that this is where I’d end up (she’s intuitive AF) but I would have resisted. I’d have dug in my heels and insisted I was happy where I was. I needed to figure it out, it was my job to do that. Her job was to support me. Without the inner work it wasn’t the right path for me – I had to work through my shit in order to help people work through theirs.

Some days it suuuuucks. When you know what it feels like to be high vibe and in alignment, truly connected to yourself, having a day where you are taken back into a negative mindset is really hard. It’s harder than it was before you started working on yourself! But it’s all part of the journey.

Abraham Hicks describes it as a train. You can’t stop the momentum! You slow the train and change the direction. So even though you know your patterns, you know what you’re doing, and how to stop it, but it isn’t that easy! This is where we give ourselves some love and grace. Where we take a moment to look back on our journey and see how far we have come and appreciate it. There will always be moments where something invokes a negative reaction in us but being able to catch that and ask yourself ‘what is this reflecting in me? Where is the work for me?’. As my coach says ‘Where you’re triggered is where the work is’. And then you do the inner work and healing.

So, did my beliefs change? Yes. Day by day as I did the inner work I started to believe in myself, to believe in my ability to create a life I imagined, to believe I can help others, and to believe I’m supported by the universe, and some amazing people in my life.

Are you willing to do the work?

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