Meditation & crying

I’ve never been a very emotional person. For some reason I felt shame around being exposed like that. I’d do my best not to cry at movies or tv shows. I’m not sure where this stems from but it’s something I am getting over.

Working with my coach for a while now I started to realize this disconnect within myself. I noticed how vulnerable being emotional made me feel. My coach is really really good at getting an emotional release. I’m not a crier but damn, she can make me cry. You may think this sounds bad but it’s not.

Crying is just a physical release of emotions. You know that feeling after a good cry where you just feel better? Like you’ve sobbed the emotion out of you? That’s what you did. You released all those emotions held in and it’s totally ok.

This morning during meditation I sobbed for half an hour. A snotty, can’t catch my breath kind of sob and I felt f’ing amazing afterwards. Yesterday I had been feeling really low Vibe, some emotions I couldn’t really pinpoint, and generally blah. When I sat on my cushion this morning and did a Chakra release meditation the crying was unexpected. But I embraced it. As I worked my way through each chakra releasing I felt lighter and lighter. I let go more and more.

Don’t be afraid of crying. Embrace what needs to be released and allow it to go. I highly recommend the app Insight Timer. It’s a free app and allows you to search for whatever you want to focus on. The picture below is the Chakra Meditation I typically use!

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