Om Bhakti Yam

Om Bhakti Yam.

Unconditional Love.

I’ve been focusing on unconditional love in my meditation lately for a few reasons that I won’t dive into here. I really want to talk about something that jumped out at me that was said during my meditation.

“What conditions do you put on giving love?”

Think about that. What does someone have to do for you to love them? This can relate to your romantic partner, child, parent, family members, or friends. If they don’t do the things you want do you pull back with your love? If someone doesn’t believe what you believe, or dress how you think they should, or act how you think they should, does it affect how you feel for them?

Unconditional love means giving love without expecting anything in return. Your feelings of worth, love, and your needs should be met by you. It’s not someone else’s job. It’s your job to love yourself hard and then give love unconditionally to others.

I’ve had Om Bhakti Yam written on my hand for a few days as a reminder. Whenever I glance at it I remember that feeling during meditation of unconditional love ❤️

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