Change is the only constant

How you react to change depends on the results you’ll think it will bring…

What’s so scary about change that can make all of us overwhelmed with anxiety? It’s the unknown and the loss of what was. My coach recently explained to me that any change, even a good change, is a loss of what was and can cause grief. Interesting right? Even the most positive of changes can cause a feeling of loss.

It helps to keep this in mind when change causes anxiety or overwhelm. When those feelings arise the awareness around why they are coming up can help to nudge them to the side. Putting the focus on the positive, whilst acknowledging that you are experiencing the negative, is key.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling those negative emotions around changes in your life but we don’t want to dwell there.

I’ve found myself making notes in my phone when I’m feeling great about a change in my life. That way I have something to look at when those negative emotions rise up. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn’t.

I also find it good to look at the positive potential outcome. What good could come from it? Think about that and expect that. Don’t assume the worst (because then the universe will deliver and you’ll get the worst). The great thing about life is we get to imagine the life we want and then expect it. Expect all the good stuff. Then when change happens you know that it’s just a step on the path to the life you want. You are exactly where you are meant to be.

I can practically hear some of you thinking ‘but I didn’t ask to be divorced’, ‘I didn’t want to spend 5 years at this job’, ‘I didn’t ask to be fired’. Maybe you didn’t actually ask for it. But I invite you to look at your thoughts. Do you believe you’re worthy of what you do want and do you expect it? Or do you expect life to go to shit because that’s what’s always happened?

You know what I’m going to suggest right? Meditate. Get quiet. Pay attention to your thoughts. Maybe you don’t realize just how negative your thoughts are – it could surprise you! Our thoughts are tied up so tightly with our emotions, old wounds, and negative patterns. At times it can be hard to cut through all of that. Meditation calms the mind so you can see what is actually going on instead of letting your thoughts run around like an uncontrollable toddler. Accept responsibility for your thoughts and your life.

When you can start to think more positively and see any change as a positive it becomes less scary. Maybe that change is an interesting growth opportunity, maybe it’s the push you needed to get the job you actually want, maybe it’s an opportunity to deal with old patterns that no longer serve you. Always look for the positive and know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be💜

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