What are you choosing?

We all carry around unhealed shit from our pasts. Maybe it’s previous relationships, child hood, or other things. Our current mind, body, and emotions are a reflection of our past.

Sometimes something in our current lives can trigger a strong past emotion. It could be two different situations but emotionally they feel the same because your body remembers emotions. It will feel very real.

How do we work through this? It can feel like a monumental weight to carry. Can we see it as a gift? A way to heal our past so our future is brighter? Can you imagine how it would feel to no longer carry that around with you?

I’ve caught myself this week falling victim to a current situation in my life. Over and over I’ve been handing my power over to other people and then feeling like a victim about it.

How do we stop that? It’s not easy but it really takes a shift from you. Why do you want to be a victim? Do you want to be seen as the victim so you’ll get sympathy? Do you enjoy that being a victim gives you extra love and attention? Dig deep and truly ask yourself why you keep allowing yourself to be a victim. Once you know why let it go. It’s not serving you anymore.

What would it feel like to not be the victim? What would it feel like to not hand all your power over to that person/situation/event/past? To be in control of how you get to feel about something.

What would it feel like to be so secure and safe within yourself that you’re no longer a victim to that thing…find it. Find that emotion that feels good. Choose that. Every time you find yourself falling into victim mode find the emotion that you want to feel and choose that.

Now, I’m not suggesting you ignore or push down feelings. I spent so much time on my meditation cushion this week exploring my emotions and releasing. I’m now in a position where I can choose to continue down the path of being a victim or I can choose to feel better. I want you to examine why you are allowing yourself to be a victim, acknowledge that it’s ok to feel that way but it’s no longer serving you, then choose something different.

I choose to feel empowered. I choose to feel loved, respected, and honoured. I choose to not let stories from my past affect my present and future. I choose to honour my feelings but allow myself to let them go. I choose love. Always.

What do you choose?

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