Authentic AF

Showing up as your authentic self is liberating af. Not worrying about how other people perceive you or what they think is insanely freeing.

I feel like I’ve spent the past couple of years tapping into that. Every day I own who I am, how I feel, what I love, how I choose to love myself, and how I love others a little bit more. Every day I got closer to me. The real me. The me that’s been there all along but was just hidden under a pile of false beliefs, negative self talk, and other peoples expectations.

But then an experience in my life pulled me back. It’s not something I can openly talk about yet (mostly because it’s not just my story, but also I’m not ready to share). I feel like because I can’t openly talk about it I’m not being authentic. And perhaps this situation is not an authentic expression of myself. This is my struggle. Am I working through old issues or am I not on an authentic path. How the hell does anyone figure that shit out? Connection with yourself.

You’ve heard me talk about my morning routine and showing up for myself a lot. But this is why I do it. It connects me with myself so that I can trust myself.

Trust. That’s a big one. Whilst journalling this morning I wrote ‘I don’t trust myself’. I hadn’t even realized that! Seriously. The funny thing is that recently I’ve brought up not trusting others but never connected it to not trusting myself. If I’m feeling a lack of trust in someone else it’s because I don’t feel like I can trust myself.

I’m worried that I’ll make (or have made) a wrong decision and how that’s going to affect those around me. But if I don’t make any decision how will that affect me? Coaching myself through this I know my answer is to connect to myself more. Meditate, yoga, walk, read, listen to music. Do all the things that allow me to feel connected and in alignment. The answers will come. Maybe not during meditation or walking, but it will hit me.

Support is also incredibly important. Having a circle of supportive people is key. My coach has been priceless in guiding me through this. If you are looking for support reach out. I have a couple of different ways we can work 1:1 together 💜 You don’t need to navigate the water alone. Trust that I can help you.

Trust. The more I give to myself the more my body and soul will trust. This morning I did a cardio workout and yoga. I spent more time in meditation and journaling. Screw the vacuuming. It’ll wait. Today I showed up for myself more.

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