Isn’t keto all high fat?

In short no.

What you see presented of keto online and on tv is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet. This is ONE way of doing keto.

It can seem like you need to be pounding back bulletproof coffee, drizzling everything in butter and eating all the bacon. That’s simply not true! (I’ll take all the bacon please…)

The only requirement for being in ketosis is the amount of carbs. That’s it. You need to be under 50g total carb per day (and even this number varies person to person). What your fat and protein look like us up to you!

Why the confusion? Well, the ketogenic diet started as a way of treating epilepsy and the high fat component is super important with that. You can see ketogenic diets put together for neurological conditions that are 90-95% fat. That’s how good for our brain fat is! But, it does mean that the high fat component isn’t necessary for everyone.

Protein is another one that has some confusion around it. There is a process in the body called Gluconeogenisus – literally making new glucose. The body makes glucose out of protein. (Yes, the body needs glucose. Yes, it’s super important. No, that doesn’t mean we need to eat it all day because the body makes it for us 😉). The assumption here is that if you eat too much protein your body is gonna just turn it all into glucose and kick you out of ketosis. That is simply not how that process works. It is a demand driven process, not supply driven. So gluconeogenisis happens when your body needs (aka demands) it not because you eat a ton of steak! (Aka you supplied your body with a lot of protein).

So what the heck should your plate look like? Honestly, whatever you want. Keep your carbs to non starchy veggies, eat lots of them. And get protein and fat until you’re satiated. A lot of the time my fat is there because of the protein (things like bacon, eggs, salmon). We don’t want to avoid fat but you also don’t need to go out of your way to eat fat. (My body still has plenty of its own fat to tap into 😉). Fat is so healthy for us and needs to be included in how we eat, but don’t feel like you need to be adding it to everything and drinking it. For some people that may work but it won’t for everyone and it’s really important to figure out what works for you!

If you want to dive deeper and need more support my 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Package is perfect for you! Head to ‘ways to work with me’ for all the details 💜

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