Creating cracks for the light to shine.

““We all just want to be seen, like really seen. Not glanced over and noticed, but for someone to take a moment and really witness the authentic light that flickers just beneath the surface. But we go about our lives, bumping into each other and not taking the time to stop and look.” – Light is the New Black, Rebecca Campbell

This literally jumped off the page. It rings so true. All we want is to be seen. We want people to see through those protective barriers that we put up and see us at our core.

Have you ever met someone and you know that they see you? You feel like you can be yourself around them without fear or judgement? It’s a rare thing. Usually it takes getting to know and trust them. I’m blessed to have a couple of people like that in my life.

But, what if you don’t. What if you want more? How do you get people to really see you?

Well, my friend, you have to start with seeing yourself. If you’re not being honest and genuine with yourself it’s gonna make it mighty hard to see. You need to create some cracks in your armour so that your light starts to shine through.

Connect to yourself daily through meditation. Pay attention to your thoughts, dreams, and fears. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Find curiosity in yourself. Ask yourself why you feel that way – and then pay attention to your thoughts. Love every single part of yourself. Be unapologetically yourself. That’s when the cracks form and the light shines through.

And you need to see others. See past the bullshit stories and victim mentality. See past that to what’s beyond. See how those stories are just protection. It’s their armour.

When you start breaking through your own armour and seeing past other people armour that’s when we get true connection. That’s when we genuinely see each other.

You cannot wait for someone else to see and bring out your authentic self. You don’t need permission or need to feel enough. You own that shit right now.

Be you 💕

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