‘Tis the season

To give too much. To spend too much. To eat too much. To drink too much. To stress too much. It’s a season of give give give.

I love Christmas. I do not love the excess and the stress.

This year is particularly interesting for me. I’ve spent so much time this past year working on my connection with myself, my self awareness, and self love, that I’m incredibly aware of how these crazy days affect me.

Working retail you have to be on all day (not so much outside of Christmas – in my job anyway). I spend my day in the masculine energy of give. I really enjoy connecting with people so I give of myself in conversation and energy a lot. That can drain ya! After work I feel completely off balance. Anxious and like the littlest thing can trigger me. I’m drained. But, In all my years in retail I’ve never noticed how these busy days throw me.

This needs to be balanced out with the divine feminine energy of rest and receive. This is where self love comes in. It’s even more important that I’m finding the time to receive love from myself and rest.

Restorative Yoga in the evening is becoming more regular. It’s grounding, relaxing, and a form of self care. Making sure I am getting plenty of sleep is also top priority.

I’ve also found myself getting ridiculously stressed over presents and money. I’m usually done my shopping by now but I’ve barely started. Today I decided that I’m ok with that. I’m not going to break the bank spending an excessive amount on presents. I’m going to show myself some grace over not being as organized as I like to be. I release control. I’ll get it done and I’ll find the joy in doing it.

Where can you slow down? Can you find the time to tap into your divine feminine energy?

Here’s a super easy yoga pose – legs up the wall. It’s incredibly grounding and calming *cat is optional but also calming*


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