Have you ever looked at how much you drink and why?

I typically don’t drink often. I can go months without drinking. I find alcohol raises my blood pressure and when I lay down to sleep I can hear my heartbeat in my ears – it’s super distracting whilst trying to sleep 😂 It causes me to toss and turn for hours. This is after just a glass or two of wine. The next morning I’m dragging my ass and am feeling low vibe.

The last few months as I was working through some shit and healing old wounds I started drinking more. Once, maybe twice, a week I was having wine. That may not seem like a lot but it was for me. I really had to look at why I was drinking that often. You’ve heard me talk about having to make a difficult decision recently. It was this situation and making the decision to end it that had me drinking wine. I was numbing my true feelings behind wine. I didn’t want to be honest with myself. Because feeling all the things meant being unhappy or making that decision. We all know I ended up making that decision but only because I looked real hard at the reasons behind drinking. It wasn’t fun and it wasn’t easy but I knew I wasn’t being authentic to myself.

How did I work through it? I acknowledged why I was doing it and forgave myself. I’m human. I get triggered. I numb emotions. But I am always committed to growing and being better. I’ve spent hours understanding how it feels when I’m truly connected and aligned so I know how it feels when I’m not. And then when I feel out of alignment I get quiet (meditation) and ask myself why. I ask ego what’s wrong and what she needs – and I listen. Then I take action.

I’m not suggesting you never drink. But like anything we indulge in we need to look at why we are indulging. Food and alcohol tend to be acceptable ways to avoid emotions. Had a tough day? Have a drink. But all we’re doing is avoiding emotions and lowering our vibration. We’re not dealing with emotions or giving ourselves what we need.

It’s important to sit with the emotion and understand why you feel that way. This can feel impossible, especially if you’ve never done it before. I promise you it’s worth it. It’s also more manageable if you have support💜✌🏼

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