Keto & Paleo

I had some mention that they thought I ate keto not paleo. I do talk about keto more than paleo so I thought I’d give a quick breakdown of them!

Paleo talks to your quality of food. It’s part of the ancestral health movement that aims to eat in a way that mirrors the way we ate for most of our life.

The theory being that for millions of years humans didn’t eat grains, legumes, and dairy. The amount of time that we have been eating these things is a blip in comparison to how long we’ve been around and it’s simply not long enough for evolution of our bodies to handle them. We’re talking about 10,000 years vs a couple million.

Now there are some discoveries that show grains in a mortar and pestle dating back almost 100,000 years. Pretty cool!

Kinda pulls the paleo diet argument into question right? Not really.

Can you imagine the amount of work it takes to grind grains by hand, mix with water, and then cook it over an open flame? Pretty damn different to grabbing a loaf of bread from your grocery store. So even if it was being eaten over 100,000 years ago it would have been significantly less than the amount of grain we eat now. This isn’t even going into the amount of additives in our modern day grain products!

The same could be said for legumes. If we were eating them they need to be soaked and cooked to be edible – there was no grabbing a can of chickpeas off a grocery store shelf 😉

I believe that it’s best to be avoiding grains, legumes and dairy on a regular basis. There’s always room for treats but you have to have that solid foundation of 80-90% quality paleo food.

So keto. What’s that about? That’s about your macronutrients. It keeps your carbs low enough that you enter ketosis. This will help you burn fat, lower insulin, control blood sugar, and get the benefits of autophagy!

You can follow a paleo diet and keep your macronutrients in line with keto amounts. You can eat keto and not care what you’re eating as long as you carbs are low! Keto can be all bacon, cheese, and protein bars. Aka ‘junk keto’. You’re not eating real food or any vegetables but it’s still a keto diet.

I prefer to follow a paleo keto diet. It sounds complicated but it’s not. I’ve eaten paleo for 7/8 years and know that’s how I feel my best. I choose to not eat starchy things such as potato, cassava, and certain squashes. This keeps my carbs in the keto range because that’s how I feel my best. I like to call this real food keto. But this is most of the time – not all the time. I believe in flexibility too. I’ll enjoy cheese and crackers at the staff party, or pho for dinner, or even potato chips on movie night! (I also love cassava crackers 💜)

Hopefully this explains paleo and keto and why I choose to eat this way! Any questions or interested in diving into either just shoot me a message!

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