Zen af

I had someone ask me how do you get to the point of feeling zen all the time. How do you not let all those little things bother you. I totally get it! You wanna glide through your day feeling cool, calm, and collected. Stupid shit doesn’t bother you and you’re feeling amazing.

My response? It’s not possible and it’s not what we should be aiming for.

Living this human experience means we get the good and the bad, highs and lows, aligned and unaligned. That’s what we are here for – the whole experience. You can’t just have the good. If it was only good all the time it wouldn’t feel good anymore. You need the contrast! The lows and struggles are where there is growth. True growth comes from facing your triggers, taking responsibility for them, healing them, and moving onto the next one. That’s where we grow.

I’ve been struggling these past couple of days and feeling generally out of alignment. I refuse to beat myself up for feeling this way. I continue to show up for myself knowing that my energy will shift and that this is simply a part of life.

As I move through these triggers and process the emotions I am growing. I am leaning right into the fear and exploring it. This is how we grow – lean, explore, accept, move on.

Connecting with yourself is where we learn to deal with those little triggers. It’s where you create awareness around how you’re feeling. When you feel yourself getting irritated by the little things you’ll be aware of your reaction and will be curious instead of frustrated. With time that thing won’t be a trigger for you anymore (but don’t worry, you’re only human, something else will come along to trigger you!)

So, can you show yourself a little grace for where you’re at? Be kind to yourself for not being Zen AF all the time. We are all a work in progress and that’s the whole damn point 💜

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