My post carb action plan

As many of you saw we ate a ton of carbs yesterday! Started our day with cinnamon buns at 830am (I ate almost two of them), lobster cakes, Cornish pastie, and dill pickle chips.

Wowza. That’s a whole lot of carbs.

I thought I’d share what I do to help my body after a day like that.

Fast. I usually find I’m simply not hungry. I’ve given my body plenty of calories and it’s pretty happy using those! Be aware of your mindset though. We aren’t punishing ourselves by not eating – we’re allowing our body to use the calories we gave it. If you’re hungry though eat! For me I find that I may have waves of hunger that pass. However, if I can’t stop thinking about food then I need to eat. Last night I skipped dinner. At dinner time I really wasn’t hungry. It’s now 9am and when I’m cooking brunch in an hour I know I’ll want food. This will mean I’ve had about a 17-18 hour fast. This is a pretty standard fast time for me. Some days after a treat I’ll fast longer and some days I barely make it 12 hours. There is no right or wrong – listen to your body and let it guide you. Brunch will be eggs, bacon, salad, and ranch dressing šŸ˜‹

Bone broth. Bone broth is known to be great for gut health so I’ll always try to sip on some after eating things I don’t normally. (I actually try to drink this regularly just because it’s so healthy!). I didn’t actually feel like this yesterday! I’m sure I’ll be sipping on some later today though.

Charcoal and ginger. Depending on what I ate I’ll supplement with some charcoal (which will absorb some of the nasty stuff in my gut) and ginger (which will help settle my stomach). Even thought I ate gluten, dairy, and a ton of sugar my stomach didn’t feel that bad. I was bloated and full but no pain so I didn’t bother with this supplement. (It’s also a good one to take if you’ve had a drink!).

Electrolytes. Glycogen holds onto water (and the electrolytes we find in water). When you have a sudden spike in carb intake your body converts those carbs to glycogen. This is why we feel bloated and like we’ve gained pounds overnight – you have, it’s just water weight not fat. As your body uses that glycogen and returns to its normal carb intake you may experience the need for electrolytes. (This is especially true if you choose to fast). This is dependent on how long you’ve eaten keto, how metabolically flexible you are, and just your body. Signs of needing electrolytes are exhaustion, headaches, body aches, and thirst.

Ultimately the only thing you really need to focus on is making your next meal the most nutritious. Don’t beat yourself up for your choices. Just move on knowing that your body can handle those days once in a while because you take such good care of it on a daily basis.

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  1. Mary Atherton says:

    That sounded like a lot of carbs but what a great day!!!! Lol

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  2. Great Blog Post!
    Follow my Blog!
    We should Do a Collab!


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