Birth Control

I’ve been on the pill for 14 years. That’s an insane amount of time. Especially when you consider the side effects of the pill include depression, weight gain, nausea, breast tenderness, mood changes, decrease libido, acne, increase cancer risk, blood clots.

Wow right? Things I wish I had known before starting. My doctor was not very helpful. I remember going to her a few years ago expressing my concern over taking it for so long. She told me it was absolutely fine to take it long term as it was just replacing the hormones in my body…yeah, my doctor told me that.

What about my increase in cancer and blood clot risk? What about sharing with me how it may be replacing the hormones I normally produce but it does not mimic the rising and falling of them? How about sharing with me other options and not just shutting me down?

So I’ve done a lot of digging online and knew that it was no longer an option for me.

After many conversations with my husband it was time to take care of things on his end. I still have a bit of time before I can stop taking the pill but the end is near. I’m incredibly interested to see how my body reacts.

It’s funny, I had a friend say that me taking hormonal birth control seemed like a strange choice for me based on how I live my life. (FYI this was not a judgement but more an observation by a friend who knew that I would understand what she meant). She’s totally right. It’s something I’ve wanted to get off for years but it’s unfortunately such an easy option for birth control and a lot of doctors are uninformed/not sharing the right information. Often times birth control is prescribed because of irregular periods or PCOS yet all it’s doing is masking symptoms your body is sending you. It’s never actually getting to the root cause of what is going on.

Post Birth Control Syndrome is very common for women who have been on birth control for an extended period of time. Symptoms can be a benign as acne and as drastic as never getting your period back, and a whole host of other symptoms. A real food diet and sometimes supplements can be what’s best to support your body. I’m already dialed in with a whole food diet so I’m hoping that I’m ahead of the curve in supporting my body that way!

You know that I’ll share about my experience and how my body reacts to this! If you want more information check out Dr Jolene Brighten. I started following her a few years ago when researching birth control. She’s incredibly knowledgeable!

Most importantly, your body your choice. If hormonal birth control feels like the right choice for you then that’s great! It did for me for a long time. When something no longer feels in alignment then it’s good to figure out a different way for you!

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