Give less.

Sometimes we push ourselves too hard. I remember when I was with first getting into working out and was a part of a big community, the advice was always to push daily. Make sure you got in that workout. Push push push. Every day was an intense 30-60 mins. ‘Never miss a day’. This is […]

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Less shame, more love!

It’s always funny to me listening to people talk about how paleo, Keto, or whatever, is just a fad. How there’s no science to back that way of eating. How it’s bad for my body, or the environment. You know something, not once when I was eating ramen for lunch, or fast food for dinner, […]

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I love people.

You know, I see all sorts of memes online about not liking people but I simply cannot relate. I love connecting with people. It can be as simple as talking about food or as deep as trauma and shit we’ve been through. I love it all. I love learning about others – what they ate, […]

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When what? When Hungry Ensues Naturally. This is one of the Primal ways of eating. We have over ridden our bodies natural hunger signals by eating a ‘high carb every couple of hours’ diet. We’re told that we should be eating breakfast. That as soon as you feel hunger you should eat. Every 2-3 hours […]

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Ketone supplements

So you found some pill, shake, or coffee that’s either got ketones or mct in it and one of its claims is burning fat. Sounds good right? You get the fat burning benefits of ketones without eating low carb! Wrong. Ketones are not what burns fat, ketones are a by-product of fat burning. When you’re […]

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Sacral Chakra

Do you ever wonder what the weight of your emotions feels like? Not just feeling the emotions but actually connecting with the burden of them. I recently had a super cool experience during meditation. I’ve had some guilt coming up regarding a situation that happened last year. During a Chakra cleanse meditation I got to […]

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For the past few weeks it’s felt like I’m fighting my body. Nothing feels easy right now. Working out is causing knee pain. I fell which caused back and neck pain. Eating feels harder than it ever has. I’m gaining weight and not making smart choices. It’s hella frustrating! I don’t feel like I’m in […]

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