Sacral Chakra

Do you ever wonder what the weight of your emotions feels like? Not just feeling the emotions but actually connecting with the burden of them. I recently had a super cool experience during meditation. I’ve had some guilt coming up regarding a situation that happened last year. During a Chakra cleanse meditation I got to […]

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For the past few weeks it’s felt like I’m fighting my body. Nothing feels easy right now. Working out is causing knee pain. I fell which caused back and neck pain. Eating feels harder than it ever has. I’m gaining weight and not making smart choices. It’s hella frustrating! I don’t feel like I’m in […]

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Birth Control

I’ve been on the pill for 14 years. That’s an insane amount of time. Especially when you consider the side effects of the pill include depression, weight gain, nausea, breast tenderness, mood changes, decrease libido, acne, increase cancer risk, blood clots. Wow right? Things I wish I had known before starting. My doctor was not […]

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When we must rest.

Arhh winter in Victoria. Lots of rain and wind and maybe a touch of snow. Not this year. The past week we’ve had days of snow. I loved it. I loved it right up until I found myself flat on my back in a crosswalk. My feet slipped on ice and before I even realized […]

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What drives change?

What drives change? Why do some of us choose to reach higher whilst some of us choose to stay where we are? My opinion? We all want to reach higher, to continue to learn and grow into the best version ourselves, but we are scared. Some of us get to that point where the fear […]

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My post carb action plan

As many of you saw we ate a ton of carbs yesterday! Started our day with cinnamon buns at 830am (I ate almost two of them), lobster cakes, Cornish pastie, and dill pickle chips. Wowza. That’s a whole lot of carbs. I thought I’d share what I do to help my body after a day […]

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Zen af

I had someone ask me how do you get to the point of feeling zen all the time. How do you not let all those little things bother you. I totally get it! You wanna glide through your day feeling cool, calm, and collected. Stupid shit doesn’t bother you and you’re feeling amazing. My response? […]

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