Zen af

I had someone ask me how do you get to the point of feeling zen all the time. How do you not let all those little things bother you. I totally get it! You wanna glide through your day feeling cool, calm, and collected. Stupid shit doesn’t bother you and you’re feeling amazing. My response? […]

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Keto & Paleo

I had some mention that they thought I ate keto not paleo. I do talk about keto more than paleo so I thought I’d give a quick breakdown of them! Paleo talks to your quality of food. It’s part of the ancestral health movement that aims to eat in a way that mirrors the way […]

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Let’s talk boundaries. They are so important but can be tough for a lot of us to implement. We’re often taught to put others first, put ourselves on the back burner, and always give and say yes. We are not taught how to say no. Not only do we have a choice around what we […]

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Have you ever looked at how much you drink and why? I typically don’t drink often. I can go months without drinking. I find alcohol raises my blood pressure and when I lay down to sleep I can hear my heartbeat in my ears – it’s super distracting whilst trying to sleep 😂 It causes […]

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‘Tis the season

To give too much. To spend too much. To eat too much. To drink too much. To stress too much. It’s a season of give give give. I love Christmas. I do not love the excess and the stress. This year is particularly interesting for me. I’ve spent so much time this past year working […]

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Choosing happiness.

What happens when you put yourself first? Usually it’s great. But sometimes you’ll rub up against what other people want and you’re faced with a decision. My happiness or theirs. I’m a Pisces. My sign tends to put themselves last but wants the recognition for choosing to do that. I refuse to do that anymore. […]

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