You are responsible for your own feelings. I’m sure we’ve all said those words ‘you made me feel <insert whatever emotion>’. But that’s not true. No one can make you feel a certain way. Words don’t find their way into your body, pick an emotion, and then have you feeling it. For you to feel […]

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Forgiveness is a tough one for a lot of us. It can seem like you’re allowing the other person to ‘win’ if you forgive them. As though you’ve allowed them to get away with something. It’s something I knew I had to work on – forgiving people and myself for things that had happened in […]

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What are you choosing?

We all carry around unhealed shit from our pasts. Maybe it’s previous relationships, child hood, or other things. Our current mind, body, and emotions are a reflection of our past. Sometimes something in our current lives can trigger a strong past emotion. It could be two different situations but emotionally they feel the same because […]

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Love yourself every damn day.

I never thought I’d be a crier or a highly emotional person. I’d always viewed crying as weak – I wanted to be strong. I’d hold back during movies that moved me; or I pushed uncomfortable emotions way down because I was strong and didn’t want to feel them. Then I started working with a […]

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Change is the only constant

How you react to change depends on the results you’ll think it will bring… What’s so scary about change that can make all of us overwhelmed with anxiety? It’s the unknown and the loss of what was. My coach recently explained to me that any change, even a good change, is a loss of what […]

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When shit gets messy

Inner work can suck. There’s a bit of a stigma that people who meditate are cool, calm, collected, and super zen all the time. Hah! If only the people who thought that could glimpse inside my brain. Meditation turns you inward. It connects you with yourself and you can’t help but see everything. The fears, […]

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