Ways to work with me!

What can I help you with?

Nutrition. I completely believe that what you eat matters. I follow a low carb/keto diet that is based on whole foods. However feels right for you to eat is fine but I always suggest it comes from real food and processed/refined food is limited.

Mindset/life coach. I believe mindset matters. You get to create the life you want. You get to decide your thoughts and your feelings. This all comes through working on your mindset, breaking negative patterns, and bringing awareness to your daily actions. I’ll help you create a routine that works for you that includes mind, body, and soul.


1:1 Morning Routine | $600 | 4 weeks

In this package we’ll spend 4 weeks solidifying a morning routine focusing on mind, body, and soul. This requires a commitment from you to show up every morning for yourself. We’ll incorporate meditation, exercise, reading and podcasts.

We’ll talk once a week (phone or zoom) for 45 mins. Continuous support between calls via Voxer or Messenger


1:1 Self Love | $2500 | 12 weeks

In this package we will dive deep into starting a self love practice. We start with a morning routine and go from there. We’ll work with ego and learn how to understand and move past old negative patterns. There will be a big focus on triggers and self love. We will also focus on how you’re feeding yourself (because it’s a huge part of self love!) and incorporate more mindfulness in the kitchen. We’ll incorporate meditate, exercise, podcasts, and reading. There will be 9 x 1 hour calls. Continuous support in between calls with Voxer or Messenger.


1:1 Whole Food Keto | $600| 4 weeks

In this Whole Food Keto package we’re going to dive deep into how you’re eating, why you’re eating, and what feels better. Mindset is going to be a focus! I’ve spent years learning that my body responds best to a low carb/keto approach to eating so that is what I teach. We focus on real foods and not packaged and processed keto junk. Meal prep, mindset practices, and self love are all going to make appearances! Weight loss, better digestion, more energy, and better sleep are just some of the benefits.


1:1 Hour Long Single Session | $125 | 1 hour

I offer a one hour call for clients who want an extra session or those who don’t need a full package.


Free 30 minute mindset call!

Not sure if we’ll be a good fit working together? That’s cool, I got you! I offer a free 30 minute call. This offers us the opportunity to connect and see if it feels like the right fit.

Interested in any of these options? Shoot me an email to get started anni.reid@shaw.ca

Namaste 🙏🏻